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Project Description
SSIS Task to send SMS (Short Message Service) over a SMS Gateway per HTTP/HTTPS.

This task sends SMS instead of the inbuilt email task, jabber ( or twitter ( in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2008.



I have added some new gateway providers.
Because Clickatel and some other providers need special paramter, you can now define custom provider parameters.



Currently only SMSOut ( - a German gateway provider - is tested.

Provider URL Tested
Clickatell signal_flag_red.png
OpenIT signal_flag_green.png
SMS kaufen signal_flag_red.png
SMS4 signal_flag_green.png
SMS77 signal_flag_red.png
SMSOut signal_flag_green.png
TeamMessage signal_flag_red.png

I hope somebody can test a gateway provider or will send me more http api.

When you are looking for more SSIS Tasks please visit my german blog (Components).

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